Visiting Katie’s home

We start experiencing the life in the villages around the hills of Nkhata Bay, by visiting Katie’s home. Katie lives together with her grandma and some other kids, really up hill, on the outskirts of Nkhata Bay. The way to her place is long and very hilly. We walk along many houses, then cross a small river, some banana plantations and then after a couple more hills we reach her place.

The grandma is not expecting us. She is just coming back from collecting some woods.  As a consequence of this she is surprised but also very glad to see us and extremely grateful for the chances given to Katie. She looks very old and she tells us that she has a lot of health issues.

We have brought her a kilo of sugar, one of salt, a bottle of cooking oil, some powder milk, soap, and a toothbrush with toothpaste for Katie. Everyone is very grateful. We are asked to put all the presents we gave to Katie on a mat.

Katie’s grandma would like to give us some green bananas to cook, but we explain her that they will not make it back to the Netherlands. We take some pictures which make all the kids giggle.

After some  more thanks we head off. It is always amazing to see how hospitable these people are, even when they literally have nothing to offer.

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