We are going to Malawi


Less than a month and we will be in Malawi hugging our kids again! We are looking forward to spending time together, enjoying the blue waters of Lake Malawi and making future plans for our charity. We would like to mark our visit by helping in a concrete way Ramos, Joyce and Malita move further in their young adults lives. As always we won’t be able to do this without your support.

Joyce is pregnant and for this got almost kicked out from home. But she is determined to keep the baby and open a business of (maternity) clothes. Have good ones or want to donate something to help her? 

Want to give a second life to all the electronics laying unused in your house and boost Ramos’s shop? Let us know. Alternatively make a donation so that we can buy things for him.

Malita has always been a complex case, but we rare determined to give her a better life, starting from opportunities at the school she attends. Do you have school material or other suitable items or want to make a donation? Reach out, 

As always we are also supporting the studies of Stella, Kattie and Gift. They are all fine and willing to make the best out of this school year.


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