When you say merry Christmas everyone!!!

The present boxes

This is the season when we constantly wish each other Merry Christmas. For the kids of the shelter and their families, this year it was literally so.

Thanks, thanks and again thanks to all the people who sent us clothes, toys and school material. We filled up 3 boxes (approximately 50kg) with a lot of gifts for our Marajowi friends and their brothers and sisters.

School material

At Eagle International Freight B.V. at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam John kindly arranged everything so that the boxes could reach Lilongwe in Malawi on the  19th December. The boxes full of our and your gifts to the children reached Nkhata Bay just on time for Christmas.

On the 23rd afternoon Gresham distributed to Joyce, Witness and the other people their part of the boxes. Malita and Ramos were given their things later on and so we do not have pictures from them. Tryness, the old teacher from the shelter school, just had a baby. So she got a bag full with baby clothes. Joyce and Witness got their bags full of clothes and school material and a pillow with the pillow case. There were really happy! At the end everyone got their share and went home happily.

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