Who is Gresham?

We are constantly posting about the kids, but who is behind them? Who is Gresham? Gresham is coordinating the activities from Malawi and without his help Marajowi would not be what it is today.
He is supporting us with the communication with the families. He visits the kids regularly at school and makes sure they  have everything they need and they are healthy. Last but  not least he is trying to keep the shelter up and running. Up to now he did this on completely volunteer basis, but he has no source of income. Considering the good work done so far, not to lose him and to ensure him better conditions of life, we decided to grant him a monthly allowance of 30.000 Kwa.

On a more personal note, we knew Gresham had a fiancé but we just heard much more about him. They had a baby, Tawonga (meaning Thank you). Since Gresham has no source of income, the mother and the baby moved in with Gresham’s brother who could support them better.  Unfortunately, things did not run as smooth as planned and  the mother left Tawonga to Gresham and moved back to her parents in the very south of Malawi. In the malawian tradition a child belongs to his father. Despite her old age, Gresham’s mother is now taking care of Tawonga who grew into quite a puffy girl. She eats 500g powder milk each 4 days for 1450 Kwa, quite a sum of money to put together…
Apparently in the coming days, Gresham is going to try and convince his fiancé to come back with him, but he already expects it to be very hard to manage.

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