Younger kids clothes

Group photo

Quite some time ago, we shipped to Frighton some boxes with clothes for younger kids. As always it took Frighton quite some time to organise the distribution and even more to write the report. After all, like he says himself, he is a busy man! However, once again, he proved that when we arranges things, he does it in a proper way!

Frighton selected some of the families of the area in Nkhata Bay where he lives and invited them over to his place to make sure that the size of the available clothes was suitable for the kids. Then on a nice sunny day, he organised a proper function for the distribution of the available items.

If you open the report below (we really advice you to open it!!!) you will see plenty of pictures of the event. You will also be able to find the details of all the people who benefited of your donation. Thanks Enrica (and fam!).


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