A day with Clement and his family

Clement and his family

We don’t come so often to Malawi. So, if we are here, we need to make sure to reserve enough time for everyone. Today is reserved for Clement and his family. They live in Mzuzu.

First stop: meeting Stella!

The first stop is at the Trust Academy, Stella’s day care. It seems like a nice school (there is a primary school section too), with new buildings and friendly staff. We are particularly well impressed by the library where we find a vast selection of books for all ages.

Stella is singing and dancing with her friends when we arrive. She has never met us before, so she is very shy. The teacher shows us the classroom: a sleeping area, a playing one, a table and a blackboard. All the essentials are there.

We greet and thank everyone and we move on.

Clement’s family.

Clement’s place is just a few minutes by car from Stella’s school. Clement explains to us that is a really nice area of Mzuzu and shows us the school Favour and Wonderful are attending. Once at home Grace (his wife) welcomes us with her usual warm smile. She is a very charming lady and makes us immediately feel at home.

Favour and Wonderful came home from school just to meet us, but they don’t have much time, since they need to go back. We give them the presents we brought for them and they are extremely glad.

While we chat with Grace and Clement, Joshua, the youngest one walks around us very interested. He also gets some new clothes.

We of course make use of this chance to discuss the details and the future of Marajowi with Clement. We explain to him our challenges and our goals. He seems to understand everything pretty well. Hopefully this is really the case!

We have lunch all together and then, Clement has a ‘surprise’ for us.

Clement’s new house.

Many years ago we decided to take Clement onboard within Marajowi. We based our decisions on many factors. One of them was that he seemed like someone who would have stayed in Mzuzu for a long time. Our predictions proved to be true, luckily. During these last couple of years Clement entered in the construction business. He has a team of builders working for him. This obviously is a profitable business and gave him the opportunity to buy land and build for himself. He is now building quite a pretentious house, with columns and many rooms. We are glad for them! Grace is obviously thrilled too!

Checking progress at Clement’s school.

Many years ago Clement started to build a school in Mzuzu, very close to where he lives (and to his new house too). In the meanwhile the school has been approved by the Ministry of Education and some teachers have applied as well. Unfortunately last year, Clement (and his partner) ran short of money and the works were put on hold. Actually there is just some more painting to be done and some final touches. Clement hopes to have it finalised by middle 2019. We wish him best luck with that!!! We certainly can’t say that he doesn’t have quite some entrepreneurial spirit!!!

Goodbyes and driving back to Nkhata Bay

Grace is very sad to see us leave. She has been in Sweden many years ago (for study purposes) and would love to come and see us in the Netherlands. Who knows…. For now, it was really nice to meet them again and see how well they are settling down.

For us it is time to go back in the horrible traffic of Mzuzu and then finally to Nkhata Bay. After such a hot day somehow full of formalities we are really tired and we are glad to be back at the hostel…even though (as usual) there is no electricity….



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