Beauty Course


During our latest trip in Malawi we had the great opportunity to visit the Stepping Stones International school, meet its owner and director, but also visit the place where Joyce will start her next adventure. As of 1st November, Joyce and Ulemu (Ramos’s sister) will start a vocational skill course in Beaty. The aim of this course is to gain skills needed for a beautician (i.e. hair dresser and make up artist) to eventually open her own saloon.

After many ups and downs, Joyce decided to pursue the course as a first step towards a better future. Her dream still is the one of becoming a flight assistance, but for that she has to meet some requisites. Having customer experience is one of them. This course will certainly help her mastering this. Moreover with her chatty nature we are sure this will come natural to her.

The course will last 4 months and at the end of it, all participants will receive an official certificate.

Joyce and Ulemu are happily attending the course. They tell us it is really well made. Joyce is even saying that one day she may be able to help other girls in her village by teaching them what she is learning now. Learning is being done in the class, through some theatre performance and then via a short internship in a saloon.

The first results are excellent, since both Joyce and Ulemu got an A.

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