Employees of Apotex NL donate to Marajowi

Donation box for employees of Apotex NL

Luckily Marajowi has good friends among the employees of Apotex NL. Luckily organise a lunch, a dinner or other joyful events for their employees, especially around Christmas time.

Apotex Nederland BV, a generic pharmaceutical company located in Leiden, the Netherlands, always uses this occasion to donate something to a charity organisation. This year, thanks to the ability of Federica, Marajowi was selected as the lucky project.

Federica and other colleagues took quite some effort to achieve their goals. First they wrote an article on the company newspaper to explain the vision and the mission of Marajowi. Then they set up a beautiful Christmas tree with the photos of our Malawian little friends. The tree was in a central position in the company building and was easily visible for everyone. Last but not least they placed  donation boxes at the reception of the two different sites of the company. After all this advertising, they also made sure to collect money during the Christmas lunch yearly organised by the company.

Their efforts were well paid. At the end they managed to collect 140 EUR. The money will be used to cover part of the school expenses of Malita, Ramos, Joyce and Witness. We are really grateful for all the efforts made.

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