How much do you earn?

“How much do you earn?”. This is a very common question in some countries and a forbidden one in other. Either way, in our surroundings luckily we hardly meat people who answer “On a good month, 50 EUR”…

A harsh reality, but a reality in the life of people living in Nkhata Bay, Ramos and Wit among them. Thanks to the sales of cables and other items which were shipped to them not too long ago, the sales in their shop in the month of May were good. They made 51.000 MK, that is approximately 50 EUR (and it is much more than what the made the previous months).

With them they could pay the rent of the shop and other things and at the end they were left with 10.000 MK (10 EUR) pocket money to spend for themselves….

Selling items in their shop really helps them a lot. It is an extra income and differentiates them a bit from others. However, printer cartridges, rims of paper are really expensive and it is still hard to keep things going. We are thinking of organising a fundraiser to help them boost their shop a bit more. Keep following us (and it you have old, but good working cables, chargers, printers, mobiles or laptops don’t give them away, not just yet….)

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