A Happy Update

Our recent trip to Malawi brought a lot of new energy at Marajowi and we saw a very positive change of attitude in those we are supporting, but also in our donors. Probably also as a consequence of this, 2024 started with a very good vibe.

Joyce and Ramos made big efforts and managed to step up and move some steps closer to their dreams.  Wit is back in the picture with new goals.

Katie took up a lot of responsibilities and became our main link with Gift and their school.

Communication with Bandawe has enormously improved and we finally manage to get better insights of what is going on at the school and with Malita. We developed a stronger bond with Ulemu, Ramos’s sister, and through her we are trying to support a bit more their family, who is in real need.

Grace basically replaced her husband Clement in his role. She is efficiently supporting Marajowi in the background and helping us with things that we are not able to arrange from far. She also is our link with Stella.

Through Carol and Alice from Stepping Stones International School in Nkhata Bay, we manage to get some better insights on how life is Malawi is evolving these days.

Last but not least, through our donors we managed to find a committed and professional coach who is supporting Ramos and Joyce with their life and professional goals. Moreover, we linked Effie (one of Peter’s daughters) to Ubuntu United Nations with the hope a new broader network will make it easier for her to reach her dreams.

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