Meet Joyce’s extended family

The closest members of Joyce's family

Joyce’s house is basically opposite to Wit’s. So we just jump a few paddles and we are there. It is always amazing to see how many people can live under the same roof. Since her mum moved to South Africa, Joyce lives here with her aunts, grandma, her brother Daniel and a large number of cousins. Also in this case we know quite a few of them and we have some fun taking pictures: everyone together, the closest family, the children…It feels like there is always one more person to meet.

It is also rather interesting to see that Wit, who normally is pretty shy, once at home relaxes completely and gets very chatty. On the contrary Ramos and especially Joyce, normally big talkers, suddenly become silent and almost uncomfortable once at home.

It has finally stopped raining so we move further. See you soon everyone!

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