Moving on with Malita

Moving on with Malita

We have always been positively impressed by the commitment of the staff of the Bandawe School. Also this time they did not disappoint us. We do have a plan for Malita and they started moving on with her.

Stuart went to talk with Malita’s mum. He informed her that for educational reasons, this year Malita would not have gone home for Christmas. She had no objections on it and only asked whether Malita could be there with her on the 25th to bring some food supplies. Malita was also really glad to hear she could stay back at school, where she has good meals and a comfortable bed.

While the rest of the students is away, Malita is now happily sitting in the class for a few hours. There are three teachers assisting her. Two are from the hearing impaired school (and take turns with each other) and the other is from the slow learning ones. From what we hear from Stuart the first steps are a bit positive. Malita seems to be eager and interested in solving easy problems in the class. Let’s hope this is a good start for a new positive turn.

To thank them for their availability and effort, we sent to the three teachers 10.000 kwacha each (approximately 12 EUR). They are extremely grateful for it.

Stuart is also trying to plan a full medical check up for Malita. This should also take place during the Christmas break.

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