Saying hello to Ramos’s family

Ramos, his mum and his siblings

It has been thundering and lightening the whole night. There was no electricity of course and so it got a bit scary at times in our little hut. The road to town is now pretty muddy, but with a bit of delay we manage to meet Ramos, Joyce and Witness. Katie stays back home to rest, since she has been drying water from the licking roof the whole night. Gift also stays home to play with his friends.

It is still raining and so we decide to go and visit the remaining families at home after such a long time. Of course we bring them the same we bought for Katie and Gift: 1l cooking oil, 1kg sugar, 1kg salt, 500g powder milk, soap.

We start from Ramos, the closest one to the centre. When we reach his home we are soaked, but his mum is really glad to see us. We are glad to hear she is doing fine. She is as smiling as ever.  Also Ulemu, Ramos’s sister, is at home. We know her from the shelter time, but she turned into a young woman now. She is attending Form 2 (like Ramos), but in Nkhata Bay. Also the younger siblings are around: Towera and Emmanuel. Ramos’ father is not at home. We understand he is having drinking issues lately and is not around that much. This of course has consequences for the whole family. He is the only one earning some money there…

Ramos seems to be a bit uncomfortable and is not talking much. It is still raining outside and so we try to break the ice and make some more conversation with some funny party glasses. They have never seen them before and so they have some troubles understanding how they work. Eventually we have some fun with them. They especially love to see themselves in the pictures!


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