‘Surprising’ Joyce

Since we met her back in 2010, Joyce has always been full of surprises. Sometimes they were good, sometimes they were bad, but no matter what, she kept her smile and determination and went on towards her future.

Now with the same positive attitude Joyce is getting ready for some new big challenges in her life. First of all, few weeks ago, she found out she is pregnant. Her Malawian boyfriend lives in Europe and so can’t really help. Her family wanted to kick her out of the house to avoid the shame. However, with her determination (and probably some help from us) she managed to convince them to keep her home. She is also determined in keeping the baby and give it a good future. For this reason she decided that, at the moment, the best thing for her will be to open a business.


In no time, she found someone willing to rent her a shop and, thanks to her network, figured out where she can go and buy some clothes in Lilongwe. She would like to sell clothes for young people and for pregnant ladies, since currently they are not available in Nkhata Bay. That’s a smart idea from our now grown up little princess.

Goal: 500 EUR

Renting costs are 20.000MK (approximately 20 EUR) per month. Travelling to Lilongwe to get the clothes will also cost her 20.000K each way. She estimated that she will need approximately 400.000MK (approximately 400 EUR) for the clothes. We would like to support her in this, with the funds and also providing (maternity) clothes in good conditions to her. Are you willing to help? Let us know or use the tikkie below for a donation (and specify it is for Joyce).

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