We are in Nkhata Bay

The trip to Nkhata Bay was long, very long. We first flew to Lilongwe via Nairobi, then spent a night in Lilongwe and finally with a car covered the 500km which separated us from Nkhata Bay.

It was a very long trip and we really had a lot of luggage. Our call to donate items for Ramos and clothes for Joyce was very well received.  Despite the effort, the reward was great already at our arrival.

Our little lodge at Butterfly Space was really lovely, with a breath-taking view on the crystalline waters of the lake.

Joyce and Ramos were eagerly waiting for us. We had dinner together, chatted and played some games. It was great to hug them again, after such a long time.

Nkhata Bay was extremely crowded today. This is Mother’s Day weekend in Malawi and a lot of celebrations and parties are ongoing. Joyce gave me a beautiful wrap ‘Best mum’.

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