While the fuel crisis is still ongoing and the shortage of food persists, people are trying to find alternatives to keep on living. Clement is one of them and crisis is very real also within his family. Luckily Clement has good entrepreneurial spirt and also some resources. That’s how he decided to start farming.

The piece of land he can use is relatively large and he had already some good crops of cabbage, rapes and tomatoes. Farming is not easy, since water is scarce, seeds expensive. Moreover, he is trying to grow everything without using pesticides and that makes things even more challenging. Nevertheless he did manage a couple of good harvests and he could sell everything at the market. We hope that he can passes on some of his entrepreneurial spirit to the kids.

For the moment he is trying as much as he can to help Ramos with his business. Ramos’s family is also in very critical conditions. With the father gone and no one working (except Ramos) it is impossible for the mother to source for her 8 kids. They are fearing a famine and starvation, a real possibility at the moment and they are worried. They wish they could rent a farm but this possibility is at the moment not in the picture.

We do what we can to help where possible, but with the prices still increasing and an inflation in Malawi equal to 33%, it is often difficult to have ends meet.

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