Warm clothes arrived

A peak on the boxes and the warm clothes

Do you really want warm clothes? This is one of the questions we have been asked more often lately. Actually, one might think that being in Malawi, our kids are always enjoying warm tropical weather. Actually that is not the case! During the months of June and July temperatures drop down to 5-10 degrees around the school our kids are attending. That is freezing cold, if you are sleeping in a  room with no windows and no heating. This is reality for Ramos, Witness, Joyce, Katie and Gift. And this is also the reason why they asked us for some help to get warm clothes.

Luckily also this time a lot of people helped us collecting winter clothes. We collected three full boxes in a few days. Also the post service was on our side. The boxes reached Malawi in no time (2 weeks approximately). Clement distributed the clothes to Wit, Ramos, Joyce, Kattie and Gift immediately afterwards. The clothes fits perfectly and everyone was super glad the warm items came just on time.

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