A new school for Joyce, Ramos and Witness

After a few months of search, we were finally able to select a new school for Joyce, Ramos and Witness. They just signed up to Lidoma secondary school, not too far from Mzuzu.

Joyce already knows this school, since she went there to make some mock exams in the past. For Ramos and Witness this came a bit as a surprise, but luckily it was a pleasant one. Last monday Clement accompanied everyone in their new school.

From what we heard the dorms are good and the teachers as well. The first days the boys complained that there were not too many extra-curricula activities, but yesterday we heard that Witness went for soccer practice. So after all, they could find something !

We hope that in this new environment Ramos and Witness will quickly manage to complete the last 2 years of their education. For Joyce it is a new beginning: the first year of secondary school. Good luck to all of you guys, now you are really grown up!

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