Are you sure?

Are you sure you have not overlooked anything in our Silent Auction?

There are still good items available and we would really love to see some of them go. People have been so generous in their donations and we really feel sad to see some items still have no bids at all. Some examples?

  • a delicious home cooked vegetarian dinner. This will be even delivered for free at your house (if you live in Utrecht);
  • two tickets for A Christmas Carol, a classic holiday season story. However, this time, it will be told by a very good (we are told) english story teller. Do you already have plans for 21st December night? If not, this could be an excellent alternative!
  • various pieces from the collection of a local artist plus the chance to go and visit her studio and pick a work of art of your choice. This doesn’t happen every day!
  • do you like jeux de boules? Why not to make use of the generous offer of a pub in Utrecht? You will play and get a drink/snack for free, after you won your spot through this auction.
  • Are you planning a trip to Paris between now and May 2020? Take the chance of exploring it in a different way with a local accredited guide.
  • there are also a few gifts with no bids: a basket for your dog, a ticket to try a dance workshop, a basket for your hobbies and some more.

Check out again the list of the available offer and think of your friends too. Maybe they can be interested in something.. Are you sure you have not forgotten anything or anyone?

Only 8 days to go! Have a look!

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