Blind love

Mauro and the visually impaired students

Peter at the Saint Maria Goretti School for the blind is one of the first people we visited when we reached Nkhata Bay. We promised him (and his daughters) to come by again before leaving. Today it is time to honour our promise.

Grace, Maria and Peter are really enthusiastic to see us again. The girls have prepared some drawings and a couple of songs for us and Peter a little present. Their company is always heart warming!! We get to know also the new students from the blind school. They are not many, but all of them live in extremely difficult conditions (both for their poverty and for their visual impairment). Peter tries his best to help them by teaching them Braille.

When walking back we look once more in the reality that surrounds us here in Nkhata Bay. We take in its shops, its market, its people, its wonderful views…

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