Change of season: can you help?

Change of season

Summer is getting closer (hopefully!) and many of us are probably busy with the change of season in their closet. It could also be a good opportunity to give away some warmer clothes we don’t like anymore and we don’t want to have around the house till next winter. Maybe we can help each other!

In Malawi this is exactly the time of the year when it gets colder. Temperatures drop down to 10C. In Mzuzu where some of the kids study, it can be as cold as 5C. We just heard that Kattie and Gift are not well equipped to face the coming winter. They need sweaters, trousers, warm socks and a hat too. It would be great if we could get them from you and ship it to them. The perfect win-win situation!

Gift is a boy, he is 8 years old and he wears 130cm. Kattie is a girl, 12 years old and 160cm long.

Just in case you have that too, they both need a new school bag 😉 Let us know whether you can help. We would like to ship whatever we can get not later than the 19th of may.

Thanks already!!!

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