Meet the parents/guardians

From left to right: Ramos's mum, Joyce's mum, Witness's aunt and Malita's mum

Today we have the opportunity to meet the parents of the Marajowi kids. A special thanks to Gresham who translated everything for us from Chitonga to English and vice versa. In this way we spent quite some time talking together. Everyone is very glad about the opportunity given to their kids. There were also quite some questions on the organisation of Marajowi. In particular they were curious to hear how the project will further develop.

We explained to them that Marajowi is completely independent from any other charity/volunteer organisation. Marajowi survives only thanks for donations of good hearted people. At the end of the day, they invited us to pay them a visit at home tomorrow. We will certainly do!

Laura, Mauro, Gresham and the mamas


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