New Year New Start for Bandawe

Things at Bandawe are always moving and progressing. Sometimes this happens in an almost invisible way, sometimes it is as obvious as the shining sun. Less than 3 months have passed since we were there last, despite this we have a couple of very big news to share. 2024 is literally a new year and a new start for Bandawe.

Bandawe now has light!!

Have you ever thought that if you are using the sign language to communicate, when it is dark you can’t talk? Others can’t see your lips or your hands so communication is impossible. Honestly we had not throught of this before, but it actually is true and obvious. Stuart, the headteacher at Bandawe, knew instead how much darkness is affecting his students’ lives. Therefore he put a lot of effort on getting governmental funds for solar panels and he managed. Works were slowly starting when we were there and are now totally completed. Bandawe finally has light and this is an incredible achievement!

Purchase of carpentry tools has started!!

Just before Christmas we ran a charity raffle. The money collected went to Bandawe school to buy carpentry tools and open a vocational centre within the school premises. As promised we sent the money and during the Christmas holiday the first tools were bought. They are many and all of them are manual. At least at the beginning it is safer to people who don’t have hearing capacity to use manual tools. Electric ones could be lethal for them. A first big step has been done (also thanks to your support). We are now looking forward to more progress and to seeing the actual work being done there.

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