Coach Needed


Katie and Joyce are two girls with excellent potentialities, but they need a good coach to be able to reach them. Do you feel like helping them? You don’t even need to move from your house! They need your skills and a couple of hours per week of your time.

Both of them are at a turning point in their lives. They don’t always know how to go further.

Katie is attending the final years of her secondary education. Studying is no longer as easy as it used to be for her. Her school results are poorer and she is in  a rather deep crisis. She thinks it is her fault,  she is not smart enough and she feels alone and deeply insecure. She is part of a big family, but reality is that other than us, she has no one to talk with. And she thinks we are biased in our judgment.

Joyce is at the other end of the spectrum: very self-confident and extremely chatty, she faces the world with a big smile. However, she also has no one other than us to guide her. Given all the latest difficulties, she is starting to think she will never fulfill her dreams. Differently from Katie she is not attending secondary school, but she still would like to get a degree from it, while working in a beauty saloon. She invested a lot in this plan. Next month she will graduate from the beauty school she is attending.

Both Katie and Joyce have difficulties in English, Math and Biology and could use your help in these subjects. However, as written above, they could use also some life coaching. Planning and looking ahead is not in their blood. We fear they don’t really have a good study method and we know they have no one to support them and show them the right way in this respect. We try and help where we can, but we know them too well. It is a bit like when your mum suggests you to do something and you say it is the most stupid thing in the world. Then someone else comes with the same suggestion and suddenly it is the smartest path to follow. That’s why we are looking for you!

Do you feel like helping? Get in touch with us and we will tell you something more about Katie and Joyce. We will put you in contact with them. It is up to you to find then the best way forward. However, please note, you will have to be the proactive one, setting goals, helping defining strategies and, most importantly, following closely on them. Looking forward!!

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