Pocket Money


Every month we give the children we help a little pocket money (lately the equivalent of 50 EUR).

Despite being at home or boarding at school they are expected to be self sufficient for many meals and for the other necessities. As a consequence, they use the money to buy food, clothes, books and whatever they may need.

This time we found out that every now and again they also manage to save a little and bring it to very good use.

With the pocket money we gave her in these past months, Joyce bought for herself a very nice bed.


Katie, currently is sleeping on a blanket on the floor of her mum’s house. With the pocket money of November, she bought a new mattress and a new wooden frame for the bed.

We are glad for them, we are glad to see they are growing up to really be able to administer their life independent. And of course we are very grateful to those who financially support Marajowi.

Since the beginning of 2023 we have not given Wit any pocket money. As of October we have also started giving pocket money to Ramos. By the look of things, he is now getting independent thanks to the profit of his shop.

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