Stepping Stones

This time we came to Malawi determined to broaden our network. In this way we will have  more reference points and people we can count on once back in Europe. We of course also plan on broadening a bit the help Marajowi can provide. Broadening the network is certainly a good starting point.

Thanks to Alice, a lovely lady and co-owner of Butterfly Lodge, we came into contact with Stepping Stones school. Alice is also the owner of the school which is currently run by Carol, another amazing woman, having the director role there. Together (and with the help of many more) they provide education in a rural area of Nkhata Bay. They are also planning to expand the help to the community by starting vocations skills courses.

Today we spent the day with them. We visited the school, which has all the 8 primary classes and a very good facility on a rather large piece of land. Flavio even enjoyed attending one of the classes, and later happily played with his new friends.

In these past weeks we had collected quite a few baby clothes for Joyce. Unfortunately she had a miscarriage just before we left for Nkhata Bay. We then decided to donate the clothes we had received to new mums at the Nkhata Bay hospital. Stepping Stones has some links there, since the regularly bring baby baskets. We made approximately 20 of them, also with the help of Joyce, Ulemu and Ramos. Each basket had a blanket, at least a set of clothes, some diapers, a hat and a little toy.

We boarded a mini bus and with the help of Kumbu, we distributed them to the new mums at the hospital. The babies here are extremely small and the conditions at the hospital quite different from those we are used to. All the mums and even the doctors were very grateful for the donation.

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