Ramos’s shop


We have been talking about Ramos’s shop for quite a few months. We described the challenges of it, we asked help to boost the sales… finally we get the chance to visit it in person.

Ramos’s shop is a small shop just outside the center of Nkhata Bay town and a few hundred meters from Ramos’s home (which he still has to finish building). It is small, but it is next to few more shops and that makes it visible.

Today we gave Ramos all the items we brought for the shop from Europe. He was over-enthusiastic, his smile getting bigger and bigger every time a new item was taken out from the bag. We helped him put some of the items in place. Now it is up to him to boost his sale. First step will be to go in town and check the local prices for these items. Ramos’s approach with his shop is to sell everything a little bit cheaper than what they do downtown.

Since we were very close by, we went to visit the rest of his family too. His mother is healthy, but they are having serious financial issues at home, now that the father is gone. We donated them some of the clothes you gave us and some books to read. It was really nice to hug them again after such a long time. At the same time, our hearts skipped a beat seeing the horrible conditions the house is in.


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