Help Ramos boost his shop


How many unused cables and other (small) electronic devices do you have at home? We all have many and you are all planning to sort them out….some day!

We can give you the perfect excuse to plan it now: provided they are still working and in good conditions, we can give them a second life!


Some time ago, Ramos has opened a small IT and copy shop some time ago. At the moment, he is really struggling with it. The very little he makes out of his business is used to either pay the rent or buy food for his siblings. His family basically depends only on him now and things are getting really tough. They struggle to have even a meal per day… This means that he cannot afford buy new supplies for the shop and his income is getting even thinner.

Though Marajowi targets education mostly, we also strive to fight poverty. Since we know this family very well, we would like to try and help out.


Do you have USB cables, HDMI cables, ear phones, USB stickers, ring binders, a printer with cartridges or even an old mobile (suitable for whatsapp), tablet or pc? If you give it to us we will make sure they get to Ramos and are used as shop supply. If you don’t have any of this or time to sort through your things you can still give us a donation (details in the pic above for both account and tikkie) and we will use those money to support Ramos.

Ideally, he would like to expand the services he can provide and even have a few computers to teach adults and kids some literacy. Many are still not able to work with the pc even for basic things, like typing. Further he dreams of expanding his business so that people from Nkhata Bay don’t have to travel to the city to buy electronics but can source them from their very own village.

This action goes on till mid September, so please don’t wait!

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