Marajowi needs your support

Marajowi is a NL-registered ANBI charity targeting the first 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals and fully committed to ensuring that children get proper schooling and education and stay in good health, so that when they grow up they can become independent individuals and (ideally) give back to the community they come from.

Marajowi takes its name from that of the 4 children we supported at the very start of our project: MAlita, RAmos, JOyce and WItness.

Our projects are focused on children coming from Nkhata Bay, a fishermen village situated on the crystal clear waters of Lake Malawi. There, in 2010, we spent almost 2 months volunteering in a local shelter school. Since then and for the last 13 years we worked directly with communities, building trust and getting to know and understand the local culture, so that we could really make an impact.

“The only way to be happy is to give happiness to others”.

By now the 4 children we started with are grown up. Ramos has now opened his own little business, Witness has finished secondary school and is totally independent now, Joyce has just finished her secondary education is also looking for alternatives to start working (most probably in the beauty sector).  Malita is still at studying and we do our best to support the school she attends (Bandawe School for the Hearing Impaired).

In 2015 we took onboard 3 more kids: Katie, Stella and Gift. They are happy, healthy and they are attending good schools achieving good results.

Our FINANCIAL SITUATION is rather stable, but totally dependent on the good will of our donors. Through the year we organise different fundraising activities which are essential for the survival and progress of our projects.

We use 100% of the donations for the selected cause and cover ourselves any administration cost. This means the board doesn’t get any financial compensation for the work done (DE BESTUUR ONTVANGT GEEN BELONING VOOR HET WERKZAAMHEDEN). For any questions we can be reached at