The Winner of the Raffle 2023 is….

For the second year in a row, we organized a charity raffle just before Christmas. This year the amount of tickets we sold was simply amazing. Special thanks to Anna, Elisabeth, Federica and Niels who helped us reaching more people and an amazing goal of 912 EUR.

The winners for this year are:

  1. Doris Salerno (number 365- yellow-)
  2. Elisa Lombardo (number 369- yellow-)
  3. Rajnish Chhabra (number 338 -yellow-)

we will contact you still today to arrange the delivery/picking up of the prize. We do hope you will enjoy all the food!!

In the meanwhile we also informed the school in Bandawe on the final amount of money collected. They were to say the least enthusiastic on the news. We will now work together on the exact breakdown of the costs of the carpentry tool. We do have an official quote already. We received that when we visited them in October. However, after that the local currency (Kwacha) has been devalued of 44%. So we need to recalculate everything. However, we are totally sure this will allow them to finally officially open the carpentry workshop.

Thanks to all for making this possible.

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