Marajowi Donations,Education,Fundraising The Winners are….

The Winners are….

The outcome of the Charity Raffle was exceptional: we sold 241 tickets!!!!


Now it is time to see who the winners are! We have just drawn the lots and the winners are the following ones:

  1. First prize: a selection of Italian delicacies: Anneleen (number 464);
  2. Second prize: a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano: Maria (number 312);
  3. Third prize: 500ml of extra virgin olive oil: Philip (number 311).

Here the video of that moment:

Congratulations to the winners!!! We will contact you to deliver the prizes.

To all the others: a huge thanks for your support and for taking your chance at this.

We raised 723 EUR. This means that we will be able to pay for Katie‘s school fees for the remaining of the 2022-2023 school year and we will also have something extra (for her pocket money).

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