Wukani Education Facility

Clement. Gift, Joyce and Katie

After leaving Lunjika we head to Wukani Education Facility to meet Joyce, Katie and Gift. Joyce has always been a peculiar lovely girl and probably will always be such. One minute after we park the car at Wukani we hear her screaming our names from far. She literally comes to us like a bullet hugging both of us with all the strength she can. It is awesome to see her again in person.

She definitely is a very popular girl at school and she walks us around it. First to her class, where she wants to take a picture with her classmates, then to her dormitory, then to meet her friends etc etc etc.

Katie and Gift are instead much shier and try to study us without being seen. After the usual formalities with an unusually friendly school director, we all head to Nkhata Bay where we have dinner together. Joyce takes the lead, chatting non stop. Lovely!!!

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