Christmas Raffle


Given the success of the Christmas raffle we organised last year, we decided to repeat this fundraiser once more.

As of today, if you are based in NL (Utrecht or Randstad area), you can buy your tickets. Get a chance to win, don’t wait! Each ticket is 3 EUR. Of course, the more tickets you buy they highest the chance you are going to win. So hurry up!

You can buy the tickets online (answer to this post or send us an email at or in person. And of course, you can spread the voice and sell some tickets on behalf of Marajowi at your sport club, in your neighbourhood, at school or at your office. Contact us and we will share details on how to best do that.

The prizes are incredibly yummy also this year. The first price is richer of course (market value 70EUR). The second and the third, though equally yummy, have a bit lower market value (15 and 10 EUR, respectively).

The winners will be announced online on 10th of December.

The profits from this raffle will be used to support the Bandawe School for the hearing impaired in putting up a vocational skill course in carpentry. They have the room and the teacher, but they are missing the tools. Hopefully we will manage to contribute to this. Should there be any extra, that will be used to give the rest of the Marajowi kids a more comfortable Christmas time.


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