Going to Gift’s home

Gift telling us this is his home

Going to Gift’s home is a good 40min walk from Katie’s. He lives on the other side of the hill and again we pass through many villages before reaching his grandparents’ place. After his mum passed away, Gift was taken in by them.

From the look of things, he is very much loved and happy with them. His grandma goes and visit him to school very regularly. Now she is very curious to hear what we are going to do in the coming days together with his grandchild. Gift’s grandfather is a very friendly old man, dressed up in pretty torn up clothes and shoes. It is the first time white people are visiting their place and he immediately takes pictures of us. We do the same.

Also in this case we are asked to put all the presents Gift received on a mat, like we did when visiting Katie’s home. We did not come empty handed either. We give them the sugar, cooking oil, salt, milk and soap we brought for them. The grandparents are very grateful and apologise they have not prepared anything for us. After all they did not know we were coming. It is really nice to be able to talk with these people. If it wasn’t’ for the translation service offered by our older kids, we would only be able to smile and thank each other. Like this, everything becomes more personal. We love it!

When it is time to leave Gift’s grandpa shows us a shortcut. Time to go again up and down the hills, till the harbour down hill in the centre of town.

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