Sometimes rest is all you can do.

Forced rest time...

Today we can just rest. Obviously the long trip, the very busy schedule, the extreme heat and the lack of variety in our food had the best on us. We were supposed to go to Livingstonia to meet Mtisunge, but travelling for 6 hours on local buses today is just impossible. Our bellies are too upset to make it….Luckily Mtisunge agrees on coming to Nkhata Bay to have dinner together on saturday. That’s really good. It would be too bad to miss the only chance we have to meet her…

From our side, we just manage to get downtown to buy a lot of water. On our way there we meet William, Witness’s uncle. He just had a baby and it is lovely to meet him. However, our only thought is going back at the hostel as soon as possible and rest. So for two days, we just sleep, read a bit and have a short swim in the lake. We need to be back in full shape at the soonest! We have promised Peter to go back to see him at the blind school. Clement, Frighton and Stuart want to meet us for a face to face discussion all together. And most importantly we want to be fully fit for when the children are back in Nkhata Bay. This is our last weekend together and we don’t want to spoil it!!


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