Going Home for Christmas


The holiday season is getting closer and our kids are also going home for Christmas.

Kattie and Gift are back in Nkhata Bay since the 15th December. Grace (Clement’s wife) went to pick them up at school. She also witnessed the closing ceremony and made sure they reached home safely.

Ramos, Witness and Joyce reached home on the 18th with Clement’s support. All of them are now happily at home with their families.

Clement will visit them all in Nkhata Bay on the 23rd december to distribute the Christmas money to the families and to the kids. In this way, we will be sure that those money are really used for the Christmas time and not before then.

Holiday time started also for Malita. Her health is doing better and her school performance still the same. This Christmas Malita will go home with Stuart, the school master teacher. She will spend the holiday time together with his family.

All of them are wishing you and your dear ones a really good time for Christmas.

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