A good heart


Through the years we have shipped books to Nkhata Bay over and over again. Every time books have been received very well and have been used in the best possible way. This time also, together with the clothes for Katie, we are shipping some other things, books among them. We are sending them to Ramos and Wit, since we thought they could be useful in their shop as an item to sell.

The reaction we got, was rather unexpected though: the two boys asked us if they could use those books to go and help some children. Witness would like to go to a nursery and read books there. Ramos would like to support children in his community learning English…. These boys do give us many headaches and still have many challenges to face in their lives. However, they have a  really good heart: having almost nothing and wanting to help others is not something to give for granted. They really made it a long way from when they first went to school. Proud of them!

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