Lots of Clothes


Unless you have exams, these days school in Malawi are closed. That’s why Katie is back in Nkhata Bay with her family. Here she is helping her mum earning a living, by harvesting some cassava and bringing them to the mill. She is going daily to the river to wash (dishes or clothes), but she is also enjoying some time with her friends or reading.

The good thing is that at the moment she has a mobile available and, as a consequence, we are suddenly getting a lot of news from her. That’s really nice!

Among the good news, however, she also confirmed to us that at school she can’t always join the sport classes because she is lacking the appropriate clothing (and thus she is not allowed). She also told us that her clothes are now getting smaller and smaller and she is in need of new ones. Since things are too expensive these days, she really can’t afford to buy anything.

From our side, a couple of whatsapp messages were enough “there is a girl who needs clothes and can’t afford them. ?” The responses weren’t many, but did make a difference! We could fill a full box of clothes. Katie is overexcited and looking forward to receive the shipment. When we shared some pics with her she reacted by saying: “wow, I love it, they look so nice and I love everything you have done”. Thanks for making this possible!

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