Recipe book

Ever thought of adding your favourite recipe to a recipe book? This is your chance!

Some of us have a very sweet tooth, others prefer healthy greens. Some of us go for comfort food, while others enjoy trying complicated recipes. Some eat more easily traditional meals, while others are glad to explore new combinations of flavours and ingredients. Everyone has a favourite recipe though.

The time when we start thinking of a fundraiser for Christmas has come. This year we thought of putting a recipe book together and we would like to fill it with your favourite recipe. We will then put all the recipes together in a book (format still be thought of -digital, paper??-) and distribute it upon a donation. We will let you know details in due time (honestly, we still have to figure them out !!!).

So, don’t loose time, think of your favourite recipe and share it with us ( What we need is: list of ingredients, preparation time, cooking time, number of servings, a short description of the preparation and ideally a photo of the cooked dish. Easy, isn’t it?

We are really looking forward!

Please send the recipe by 20th October, in english or italian. Please preferably european measure units (e.g. Kg). Thanks!


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