Schools are starting again

It has been a long break, but after 6 months, schools are starting again.

Last 7th september all the last years could go back to school. In October, the rest of the classes will be open again. Ramos, Joyce, Witness, Kattie and Gift can’t wait for that moment to come!

Being home for the first days was fun, but very soon reality kicked in. At home life is very difficult for our kids. Food is very scarce (if any), there is a lot of physical work to do (to support the household) and life is very slow (and boring). All of our kids were extremely glad and grateful that we kept sending them pocket money during all these months. They hadn’t given if for granted. They appreciated even more that we sent them a little money for the families to go on during these difficult times. Overall, the two words we heard more often in these last months were ‘thankful’ and ‘boring’. Now, there are only a few weeks to go and then normal life at school will hopefully start again. They are all looking forward to it.

Also Malita in October will go back at school. Stuart is already talking with her mother about it. In the meanwhile, he informed us that Malita is relatively fine, but with a mum always on the move, the last months have been very hard for her.

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