Second trip: we are back in NKhata Bay!

Ramos, Witness and Joyce

After more or less half year from our first visit, we make our second trip to Nkhata Bay. We reach Nkhata Bay just on time to see Ramos, Joyce and Witness leave for school. We meet them at the shelter and together with their mums, we enjoy their smiles while the unpack the gifts and play with your camera. Soon it is time for them to get on the minibus and head to school.



In the meanwhile also Malita arrives. Her mum is not with her and she is not in her best mood. A friend of hers tells us that failed to raise the money to pay the minibus which will bring her back to school. She also did not finish arranging all the necessary things for her to go to school. We decide to pay for the minibus and we send someone to tell her mum she will go to school tomorrow. We also give her the presents we bought and a big smile comes back on her face.



Last but not least we also give a laptop to Gresham and a camera as well. Now he will have no more excuses not to send us news.

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