Pasta sauce workshop

Nicola, her parents and daughter eating the pasta .

Have you ever wondered how to prepare spaghetti alla carrettiera, pasta alla puttanesca or spaghetti alla carbonara? Today Laura had the pleasure to prepare these sauces with Nicky, her lovely daughters and their grandparents. It was a fun afternoon, concluded with a  delicious dinner!

Thanks Nicky for making fundraising fun!

Thanks to this nice initiative, we got some extra founds. We are going to use them for Mtisunge. She needs 25 EUR/month for her food. With this event we collected 40EUR and so Mtisunge can now have proper meals for 1.5 months. Ins’t this great?

Want to organise your own fundraising activity? Just share your idea with us and, if needed, we will help with setting up the event.

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