Marajowi Fundraising Movies, Rome and their secrets

Movies, Rome and their secrets

Get an expert touristic guide like Mauro, some good movies and interested people and you have a perfect evening. And it gets even better when you can repeat the event twice!
In approximately 1 hour, Mauro told us a lot of nice curiosities about movies set in Rome. During his presentation ‘Rome in the movies’ we discovered things we did not really know. And the english subtitles to some scenes of the movies made it even better! Everyone could enjoy what he had prepared for us.
The presentation was given first in the Cultuurcentrum Schoneveld in Houten and then in the Department of Medical Oncology of the University of Utrecht (thanks Livio for organising that!).


Each of the movies set in Rome show us a particular aspect of this wonderful city: its history, its (hidden) treasures, its sins, the (funny) habits and vices of the romans of yesterday and of today and much more. Did you know that one of the first movies set in Rome is Julius Caesar in 1909 and one of the latest ones is ‘Eat pray love’ with Julia Roberts from 2010?

Thanks to this Marajowi could raise 415 EUR in Houten and 187 EUR in Utrecht. The money will be used to buy food (for Christmas) for the families of the 4 Marajowi children, for a total of approximately 40 children and 10 adults. There will be a big Christmas lunch this year in Nkhata Bay and you are all part of it.

The rest of the money will be used to support the Bandawe school for the hearing impaired and, indirectly, Malita. We feel this is the only way to make sure she will be properly taken care of while at school. We will provide the children of Bandawe with 180kg of rise, 10kg of meat and 40l of cooking oil (estimated cost 51200 Kwa or 238€). Extra 12€ have already been used to buy Malita vitamin tablets supplements for 28 days. The remaining 16€ will cover the transfer costs for the money (always approximately 18€).


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