Time to say goodbye: hope to see you soon again

Time to say goodbye: a present

It is time to say goodbye, go back home and to greet all the people we met during these last two weeks. Time flew away really fast, but at the same time these last 10 days were really intense! We had confirmation that things are indeed as good as they look in the photos Gresham is sending to us. Moreover, we had the opportunity to know much more about the children and their background. Some more reasons to be enthusiastic about the project and continue with it in the best possible way.

To our greatest surprise the mums today come with some presents for us and for the major donors of the 4 kids. They all have a letter to thank us and all the people who are participating the project. Moreover they bought some items to bring back to Europe and distribute among the donors. So we leave with papayas, wooden souvenirs and local handmade bags. This time we are the ones saying ‘Taonga (thanks)!!’




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