The challenges of shopping with kids

As promised today we go back to Mzuzu to spend some more time with Ramos, Joyce and Witness. When the children see us they literally jump on our necks! Since the shops in Mzuzu are open, we decide to bring them in town for some shopping to buy those items they are still missing, like the black shoes for Ramos and Joyce, the white sport attire for Joyce and some T-shirts for them all. To do shopping with them it is not as easy as we were expecting. They are definitely not used to buying, cannot really tell what they like or not and are over conscious about everything. Only Joyce is in a ‘I am a princess’ mood and tries to convince us in all ways to buy her a princess like dress. At the end we compromise with a pair of shoes, that she anyhow needed.

At lunch time, we all go for a lunch out. We order chicken stew with rice and chips for everyone. Ramos, Joyce and Witness at first remain with their mouth open in front of the TV. They have one at school but are not allowed to watch it every day, so it is a great attraction for them. When the food comes, they do not hesitate using all the dressings, from ketchup to hot sauce. Witness turns out not to be a big eater and only partially eats his rice. However, after having cleaned her plate up to the last little bone, Joyce starts with Witness’s one but, partially helped by Ramos. To walk back to Wukani with all the food in the stomach is pretty tiring, especially for Joyce, but eventually we manage.

While chatting on our way, Ramos, Witness and Joyce also inform us that ‘We can leave only after having played a bit, rather after dark!’. The always very kind school-manager opens a room just for the 5 of us. Here we divide all the shopping among the 3 kids, cover the exercise books with some newspaper, as requested by the teachers, play with the camera and with some ‘soap balls’ and have some fun. Unless we move on, it will really get too dark for us by the time we reach Nkhata Bay. So it is time for the goodbyes…not easy ones, also considering that Ramos starts to cry…

Mauro with Ramos, Witness and Joyce





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