The 18th birthday is worth a mobile

18th birthday

It was Ramos’s 18th birthday last October and Wit’s one in January. Every year on their birthday all the kids receive the equivalent of 50 EUR from us. From our side we always say those money are for them and should be used for something they like or need. However reality is different and they are not always free to choose what to buy.

This time, while in Nkhata Bay, we were able to personally hand their share to Ramos and Wit. They were very enthusiastic about it! We were surprised when they came to us and very nervously asked us if they could use those money to buy a mobile. We obviously said that if the money was enough for us there was no issue. That was their birthday present and they could use it as they wanted. We have no often seen them as excited and happy. They immediately brought us to a shop where they found exactly what they wanted: a perfect copy of an iphone only made in China and for the cost of exactly 50 EUR…

Now that we are back in the Netherlands we are still really glad about this purchase. Thanks to their mobile we are able to talk (via whatsapp) on daily basis with Ramos and Wit and we get to know so much more about them.

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