Marajowi Fundraising Ladies run: a chicks run for chickens?

Ladies run: a chicks run for chickens?

Ready to start the ladies run


Despite the rain, thunders and lightening today we completed the ladies run in Utrecht. It was a great atmosphere and it was good fun!!
Thanks a lot again for having taken up the challenge of running 7.5km for Marajowi. You all did a great job. Even some of those who at the end did not join the run, managed to get some funds. This was the response we were hoping for!!

Marajowi has received 701 EUR!!

The donations received will be used for the poultry project at the Bandawe school for the hearing impaired. The school is fully sponsored by the malawian government, but receives extremely poor fundings. The money are often not even enough to pay bills, let alone to provide healthy meals to its students. By starting up an own poultry the school staff hope to become more independent. Once old enough the chickens will be used for their eggs and for their meat. Both will be a good integration to the diet of the students.

We are sure that the students will be enthusiastic about it. Thanks a lot for making this possible!!

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