Silent auction coming soon!


Every year at Marajowi we have at least one fundraising event. This year we are organising a silent auction.

The silent auction will run from 1st to 30th November.

How does a silent auction work? Exactly like a normal live auction. Only this time you will be submitting your bid online. At the end of the auction period, the highest bidder will get the chosen item.

Anyone can contribute by either donating ‘items’ for the auction or by doing some shopping on a link we will share in due time.

Do you want to contribute by donating an ‘item’ for the auction but you don’t know which item suits best? Well there is no limit to creativity here, but  we thought of some ideas for you.

Are you good at cooking? You could host a cooking class at a location of your choice. You can also donate a cake or another dish you are good at preparing. Eventually you might also thing of delivering a full dinner to someone’s place…

Are you an artist? You could donate a piece of your work or organise a workshop on your particular skill, be it painting, theatre, music or anything else.

Do you like sports? You could plan a sport workshop or a bootcamp or even ask your local sport school if they want to host one.

Are you a coach, a masseur, are you good at knitting, croqueting, sewing etc, you could organise a free session on your expertise.

Hosting wine/beer tasting,  board games events, be responsible for animation for a party, putting together a quiz night are only some of other possible ideas.

And don’t tell us you have no skills to sell. Everyone of us has at least one! You could propose to clean someone closet (think of Marie Kondo), do some handy work around a house, offer babysitting services, or clean someone’s garden….You could also ask your local restaurant, library, spa etc if they are willing to donate something (think of a voucher for their shop) and/or put together a gift basket. Ideas can be really plenty.

If you like to participate let us know with your idea (if applicable) by october 20th.  We will get things rolling and the silent auction live by 1st november.

The auction is open also to your friend and families, provided that you can guarantee for them. We want to make sure that all the items on the list are then eventually really delivered!

Once the auction is closed (30th November) vouchers/gift baskets will be delivered (before 20th December). For all other workshops, activities etc the winning bidders will be put in direct contact with the person offering that item. It is up to them to then agree on the best time. Place will show on the auction list item already. Deadline will be anyhow 31st May 2020. This to allow people to get things organised, but also to give you the chance of buying this as Christmas gifts.

The money raised will be used for the following activities:

1)  to guarantee the students of the Bandawe School for the Hearing Impaired to have a cup of milk 3 days per week and a portion of meat 1day per week. The school currently has 60 students and will need 240 EUR per trimester for the meat and 300 EUR per trimester for the milk. You can find here more news about Malita, the girl we support within the school, and in this video something more about the school in general

2) to make sure the families of the 7 children we support have food on the table (and ideally some gifts) for Christmas day. We managed throughout all the past years, and we would like to keep this tradition going

3) If there are extras we will send them to Peter, the headmaster from the Saint Maria Goretti for the Visually Impaired. Due to the current very unstable political situation in Malawi, Peter is struggling to get the school going. The government stopped paying out grants and salaries to the teachers and they don’t have food for the students. The situation is really bad these days.

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