The first day in Malawi

Laura and Mauro with all their luggage

The first day in Africa always comes with its share of adventures. You can leave as well prepared as possible, but there is always something unexpected.

For example: you land in Lilongwe at 1.20 am to discover that now the entry visa can only be paid in US dollars or you don’t get in (luckily two ladies give us dollars in exchange to euros. A German guy is not as lucky as we are and gets escorted to the city change bureau).

After a very short night in Lilongwe (the hotel was very good though!), at 10am we are at the City Mall to catch the 12 o’clock bus to Mzuzu. Of course the bus comes one hour late and gets delayed one more hour on the way to Mzuzu. So we reach there at 7 in the evening when it is already pitch dark.

Also this time however luck is at our side: Clement is waiting for us together with a taxi driver at the bus station and they bring us directly to our hostel in Nkhata Bay. Yeah! After a 32h journey this is exactly what we needed!!! And now we also need a good night of sleep (anyway there was just a power cut)….tomorrow we will wake up with a stunning view (if it doesn’t rain….yes because rain has just decided to enter Malawi).

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