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Good bye Frighton

Do you still remember Frighton? He was one of the adults¬†helping Marajowi in some activities. Thanks to him, we distributed clothes and shoes to the children or the poorer areas in Nkhata Bay. He helped us a lot in the communication with Malita’s mother in the past and did many more things in the background for Marajowi.

A couple of weeks ago, he was travelling to Nkhotakota together with 5 more people in a car. The tyre of the car bursted. Unfortunately he died on the spot. The other people in the car were injured and hospitalised, but they all survived the crash.

Useless to say, everyone in Nkhata Bay was shocked by the news. Gift and Katie attended his funeral too, since he helped and supported many times. His family was dependent on his business. We do hope his wife will manage to keep it going or someone will step in to help her.

Rest in peace Frighton…

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